THE BUMPKIN BOB SHOW is a show for all the hard working Americans out there. Bumpkin Bob talks every week about the goings on in his life and the lives of the working class. Sign up and see what the fuss is all about.


Why do I have to pay for access to the show?

Nothing in life is free...sorry Obama had you believing otherwise.


Then how do I sign up?

Right here, brother.

(Must be read in Hulk Hogan's voice.)


Do you offer a trial period, $4.99 a month is too much...?


We have initiated a 7 day trial period for you. However, if $4.99 a month is too much, you can't afford the trial period, either.


I have signed up and refuse to read the terms and conditions. How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, daddy needs a new pair of shoes, and maybe a truck, so refunds are not provided under any circumstances. You may cancel your membership at any time, in which case you will not be charged further. We do recommend that you actually try to enjoy the content and become active in our #BumpkinArmy. Nobody likes a quitter.


How do I cancel a membership or make changes to my account?

Simple, you don't cancel because you would not have access to our super awesome Bumpkin show ever again. If you do need to make changes or actually wish to be disassociated with THE BUMPKIN BOB SHOW, simply log in to your account and go under the settings. It's pretty simple; even a bumpkin can figure it out. Otherwise you can email us for support at membership@bumpkinbob.com.


I have raised my IQ to the level of Bumpkin and wish to stay. What besides the show is offered to members?

Great question! We offer member only extra content under the "Extra" link across the top of the member site. We constantly are adding content to this area to make it even more attractive to be with THE BUMPKIN BOB SHOW.


The site is great, but do we ever get to meet the BUMPKIN?

Yep! Just keep an eye on the "Upcoming Bumpkin Sightings" Calendar on our site for upcoming opportunities to meet Bumpkin Bob.


My video stopped loading/states there is a problem.

If you encounter this problem, refresh your browser and stop crying...thanks.


Other questions not listed here?

Shoot us an email at membership@bumpkinbob.com for membership questions or contact@bumpkinbob.com for general inquiries. You can also shoot over to our contact page.

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