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So, a little about me…. 

The Bumpkin was born and raised in the great state we know as Arkansas. My family and I moved to Northwest Arkansas in the late 90’s, ending up in Springdale in 1999. I got a job with a commercial electrical contracting firm out of Lowell and started working my way up to a Master Electrician. Now one of my first job sites, and the original job site tale for how ole Bumpkin came to be, was at a new elementary school in Gravette, AR, a little town just south of the Missouri line.  

Now everyday when I left Gravette, I would stop at this little convenience store outside of Rogers and grab a Coke on my way home. This particular fateful day, the wife at the time needed me to stop by Wal-Mart for a few items, too. I did. When I pulled in the drive my kids met me at the door, and one of them said “What’s on your back, Daddy?”; to which I replied “there better not be anything on my back”. 

Needless to say, there placed was a sign that read “Bumpkin”…I was not thrilled. I knew exactly who had done it, another electrician who thought he was a comedian, too. You will hear me talk about him in future episodes and the retaliation that followed, but that started a good long period of job site pranks and a list of butt-hurt individuals who caught the wrong end of ‘em. 

Family is another thing you will hear a lot about on this program. I love my family, even the extended family of sisters, nieces/nephews, and in-laws. And believe me, there are plenty of times they, too, were butt-hurt over pranks pulled on them. Its all part of growing up here in my family. So, sit back and relax. Enjoy the humor, family stories, and life lessons brought to you every week here at THE BUMPKIN BOB SHOW.